Young Voters

Nickerson 2006d - Thirteen Email Experiments Across Eight States

Mass email GOTV messages in thirteen experiments exhibit negative effects on registration and turnout that are both substantively and statistically insignificant.

Tiffany Davenport – Fri, 2006 – 09 – 22 11:11

Nickerson 2006a - Professional and Volunteer Voter Mobilization Calls

The quality and timing of GOTV phone calls are more important than message content or whether the calls are made by volunteers or paid professionals. Professional phone banks are found to be cost-competitive with canvassing and leafleting and more effective than the calls placed by volunteers.

Tiffany Davenport – Tue, 2006 – 09 – 19 02:13

Nickerson 2006b - Volunteer Phone Calls Can Increase Turnout

Pooled results from eight voter mobilization volunteer phone call experiments indicate that brief volunteer phone conversations that are personal in tone can be effective in mobilizing voters. Volunteer phone campaigns can be cost-effective with door-to-door canvassing.

Tiffany Davenport – Fri, 2006 – 09 – 22 09:52

Nickerson 2006c - Timing of Face-to-Face Contact

Door-to-door canvassing can be effective in the two weeks prior to Election Day, whereas earlier canvassing efforts are not found to be as effective. Multiple visits may not increase effectiveness of campaigns. Candidate-centered messages are more effective than partisan-centered messages.

Tiffany Davenport – Fri, 2006 – 09 – 22 10:24

Addonizio 2006 - First-Time Voter Education

Participation in First-Time Voter Programs, in which high school students attend casual, informative sessions about voting and political participation, is found to have strong mobilization effects on new voters.

Tiffany Davenport – Fri, 2006 – 09 – 22 11:01

Nickerson, Friedrichs & King 2006 - Partisan Door Hangers, Phone Calls & Canvassing

Partisan GOTV campaign tactics are estimated to produce mobilization effects similar to results reported in nonpartisan experiments. Partisan door hangers may be more effective than nonpartisan doorhangers in mobilizing voters.

Tiffany Davenport – Fri, 2006 – 09 – 22 10:31

McNulty 2005 - Phone Experiments with Varying Partisan Components

Results from four separate experiments in which varying degrees of partisan or non-partisan messages are presented. Only results from the nonpartisan phone campaign experiment yielded substantive and statistically significant estimated mobilization effects.

Tiffany Davenport – Fri, 2006 – 09 – 22 10:27

Green 2005 - New Voters Project

Estimates of the effects of door-to-door canvassing and phone call campaign experiments are compromised by low contact rates and treatment of control group subjects.

Tiffany Davenport – Fri, 2006 – 09 – 22 10:51

Bennion 2005 - Student-based canvassing in Indiana

Student-based door-to-door canvassing during a highly competitive election season does not increase turnout in the overall subject population. However, student canvassers are successful in increasing turnout among voters under the age of thirty.

Tiffany Davenport – Fri, 2006 – 09 – 22 10:54

Gerber, Green, Iyengar and Jackman 2005 - Interactive CDs and Young Voter Education

Findings from one of two experiments are equivocal about the effects of CDs containing voter education information targeting young voters due to low contact rates.

Tiffany Davenport – Fri, 2006 – 09 – 22 10:59