Nickerson 2006a - Professional and Volunteer Voter Mobilization Calls

The quality and timing of GOTV phone calls are more important than message content or whether the calls are made by volunteers or paid professionals. Professional phone banks are found to be cost-competitive with canvassing and leafleting and more effective than the calls placed by volunteers.

Tiffany Davenport – Tue, 2006 – 09 – 19 02:13

Nickerson 2006b - Volunteer Phone Calls Can Increase Turnout

Pooled results from eight voter mobilization volunteer phone call experiments indicate that brief volunteer phone conversations that are personal in tone can be effective in mobilizing voters. Volunteer phone campaigns can be cost-effective with door-to-door canvassing.

Tiffany Davenport – Fri, 2006 – 09 – 22 09:52