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The Institution for Social and Policy Studies at Yale University, with the generous support of the JEHT Foundation,* presents Get Out the Vote! – a website offering the most current findings of randomized field experiments studying the effects of voter mobilization.

This site is intended to update and supplement the research presented in Get Out the Vote! How to Increase Voter Turnout, written by Donald P. Green and Alan S. Gerber, and published in 2004. Get Out the Vote! is unique in its approach to studying voter mobilization in that Green and Gerber base their analysis of the efficacy of various campaign methods exclusively on scientifically-measured experimental findings. The book presents practical advice for campaigns and mobilization organizations within the context of rigorous research conducted in more than twelve states.

Get Out the Vote! - the website - updates the findings from the book with recent experiments by a number of scholars. Some of the studies presented here revisit methods discussed in the book that have since been replicated or tested in new and different contexts while others explore a variety of GOTV methods previously unexamined through randomized field experiments. ISPS welcomes additional contributions to this site.

ISPS thanks the JEHT Foundation for generously supporting this initiative. We are grateful to Beth Weinberger for her valuable edits and suggestions; to Jeff Hester for web design and technical consulting; and to the scholars whose research is featured on this site.

Tiffany Davenport wrote the literature review and compiled the research presented on this site. Tiffany received her PhD in Political Science from Yale University; she studies civic participation and political behavior through natural and randomized field experiments.

*The JEHT Foundation bears no responsibility for the content presented on this site.


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